Is ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Bread Keto?

Answer: ThinSlim’s low carb bread is an excellent alternative to regular bread when you are on the keto diet, as it really contains a very low amount of carbs.

About ThinSlim’s Low Carb Bread

ThinSlim’s low carb bread is an excellent choice if you still want to eat bread on a keto diet. As a matter of fact you can even eat the low carb bread as much as you want as it has net zero carbs. One slice contains 7 grams carbs, of which 7 grams is fiber.

What’s in the low carb bread?

The low carb bread gets along almost without carbohydrates. According to the US consumer advice centre, the proportion of carbohydrates in a protein bread is only 4.5 to 7 percent. The main ingredient is vegetable protein, for example wheat, soya or lupin protein, as well as soya meal, linseed, soya flour, bran or apple fibre. These proteins make up around 25 percent of low carb bread.

How to make low carb bread yourself – Video Guide

How much fat is in a protein bread?

The fat content in low carb bread is much higher. With a share of 10.3 percent, it is about three to ten times as high as in normal bread, according to the US consumer advice centre. Why is the fat content so high? This way the bread retains its structure.

How many calories does a low carb bread have?

The fat content also influences the amount of calories. The low carb bread contains less carbohydrates, but more calories. 100 grams of low carb bread contains 248 calories, whereas a conventional multigrain bread contains 219 calories.

Is low carb bread still bread?

According to the US consumer advice centre, the bread available in bakeries does not violate the guidelines for bread. The reason: in none of these low carb breads is a type of cereal praised in the name, so that these breads would not have to consist of at least 50 percent of this type of cereal.

However, there are offers of bread baking mixes on the Internet which, according to the consumer advice centre, have a potential for deception. Among them falls for example the rye protein bread, which consists straight once of 5,6 per cent rye.

The conclusion about the low carb bread

Protein bread tastes stickier than normal bread, is usually more expensive and contains more calories and significantly more fat. If you want to do without carbohydrates in the evening and still eat bread, protein bread could be an alternative.

Many nutritional experts agree that doing without carbohydrates is a great way to lose weight. The decisive factor for a healthy person is still that you consume fewer calories than you consume during the day.

We can definitely recommend ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Bread for everyone on a keto diet.

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