Is Spam Keto?

Answer: Some pleople say Spam is not the healthiest. But it contains a lot of good fats and almost no carbs, which makes it a great keto food.

About Spam

If the world should ever end, then among the few things that remain undamaged in the chaos will surely be a can of spam. Pork, shoulder of pork, water and a lot of sodium nitrite as a preservative, compressed into a cuboid of twelve ounces (340 grams), which can be thrown out of the metal can with a slurping sound

The canned meat of the Spam brand – also known as Mystery Meat because of its mysterious consistency – has been around for 75 years. The American Hormel Foods Corporation has been producing the spiced ham in tins under the name Spiced Ham for some time. But it was not really going to sell. Until Jay C. Hormel, descendant of German immigrants from Austin in the US state of Minnesota, started a name contest. The brilliant idea: Spiced Ham was combined to form the artificial word spam – and that’s what the product has been called since 1937.

How is Spam made:

Cheap meat as a luxury

Whether it was the name or the circumstances – the brand made a career in the Second World War. Hormel supplied more than 100 million doses to the US Army, as well as its allies in Great Britain and Russia. “Without spam we could not have fed our army,” writes Nikita Khrushchev in his memoirs.

The meat needs no refrigeration, can tolerate heat, is packed shockproof and – according to the manufacturer – has an almost unlimited shelf life. With the soldiers, the tins reached even the most remote regions of the world, where they have left their mark on food culture to this day. For many people, the cheap formed meat was new, exotic and valuable – luxury from the far West.

Obama is a fan of Spam Musubi

Today, the Hormel company proudly reports on its website that in Southeast Asia spam gift packages are often brought to weddings. Business travellers are also advised to leave their cigars at home and give the negotiating partners a few cans of spam instead. In the Philippines there is a restaurant chain called “The Spam Jam” where spam burgers are served. During a severe typhoon in 2009, Hormel Foods donated 15,000 kilograms of spam to the Philippine Red Cross.

The highest per capita consumption is in the American state of Hawaii. Because of the large military base on the main island of Oahu and the many immigrant Asians, spam has become an integral part of the kitchen – in the most adventurous blends. Spam Musubi, for example, is sushi rice with a slice of spam. When Barack Obama, a native Hawaiian, visits, he is more often seen with a Spam Musubi. At the Hawaiian McDonald’s and Burger King stores you can get Spam and Eggs for breakfast.

16 cans of Spam per year

Right after Hawaii is the tiny Pacific island of Guam – an American territory in the middle of nowhere. Every person on Guam eats 16 cans of spam per year. Even on the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, people love spam – so much so that the local press warned of the health risks of excessive consumption – whereupon Hormel threatened legal action.

We can definitely recommend Spam to you if you follow a Keto diet. It is not as bad as it reputation is sometimes.

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