Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Keto?

Answer: Philadelphia cream cheese makes an excellent keto food. It contains verly little carbs and a good amount of fat (40% – 70%, depending on the type). This makes it a great energy bomb for keto dieters.

About Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia is an American cream cheese made from cow’s milk. Philadelphia is not a generic name, but a brand name of the company Kraft Foods Inc. It is named after the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia cheese offered in the supermarket is made in America. In other countries like Germany for example it is produced from the milk of bavarian cows.Philadelphia cream cheese is available in the supermarket in plastic cups in various weight categories. However, it is usually filled in 10-20 ounces packs. The rindless cheese is a creamy, spreadable, white dough. Philadelphia tastes slightly acidic to creamy. Its fat content varies between 40 and 70 percent fat. Philadelphia is a cheese product that is made with many different ingredients. A wide variety of herbs, spices and even fruits are used.

Find out how cream cheese is made:

The double cream cream cheese sounds unhealthy but with its 355 calories per 100 grams it has only half the energy content of butter (741 calories / 100 grams). You can save even more calories with reduced-fat variants. There are no differences in taste to conventional cream cheese.

With an average of 13 percent protein per 100 grams, cream cheese is one of the good sources of protein. Especially vegetarians should therefore enjoy it more often. Fresh cheese in the refrigerator can be used to quickly conjure up something delicious at any time. Why don’t you try balls of cream cheese, which can be mixed with fresh herbs, spices or chopped nuts as you like?

We can definitely recommend Philadelphia Cream Cheese if you are on a keto diet. It makes a great ingredient to many sauces and dishes. The high fat content is acutually good for people on a keto diet, as it can give you a lot of energy throughout the day.

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