Is Grain Bread Keto?

Answer: Traditional Bread is usually not a keto food as it contains a lot of carbohydrates. But there are many keto friendly bread mixes.

Is Bread allowed on a Keto Diet?

As traditional bread is produced from various grains it naturally contains a lot of carbohydrates. Therefore traditional bread is not a good choice for someone on a ketogenic diet. The average bread made from grain contains 50 gram of carbs per 100 gram, which means that only one serving could kick someone out of ketosis.

But there is a solution where you can also have bread on a keto diet. As of late there are more and more keto bread baking mixtures and keto breads coming on the market. They usually contain a lot of fiber, which is an indigestible carbohydrate and therefore doesn’t increase your blood sugar. The real carb content in these breads is very low which makes them safe to eat on a keto diet.

The brand California Country Gal offers original ‘Starch Belly’ Free Bread Mixes in different editions. These mixes are easy to make (just add wet ingredients), nutritious (contains non-gmo real food ingredients: blanched almond flour (no skins or meal that may contain aflatoxins/mold), organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk powder, air dried/kosher sweet potato powder (from the whole food), baking soda and sea salt). They really are unbelievably delicious! Many people say they taste like ‘Real Bread’!

CCG Baking Mixes do not contain extracted starches or starchy flours and are always 100% Grain Free, so they are ‘naturally’ Gluten Free. They are also Low Carb, so Keto, and because there are no added sugars these mixes also have a low glycemic index. Dairy and Soy Free, these mixes are a great source of Fiber and Protein.

Traditional Grain and Bread on a Keto Diet

One advantage of traditional bread is variety. The choice is huge. The following products are particularly common:

  • Wheat bread consists of at least 90 percent wheat flour, which provides a mild taste. The rest can be supplemented with other flours. Typical wheat breads are white bread, baguette and ciabatta.
  • Mixed wheat bread is made from 51 to 89 percent wheat flour and has a stronger taste than wheat bread. Mixed wheat breads are, for example, Hamburger buns.
  • Rye bread is made from at least 90 percent rye flour. It has a strong, often slightly sour taste.
  • Rye mixed bread contains 51 to 89 percent rye flour. The higher the rye content, the stronger the taste.
  • Wholemeal bread must contain at least 90 percent wholemeal rye or wheat flour (or a mixture of both flours). Wholemeal flour contains all the components of the grain, either finely ground, as coarse meal or as whole grain. Whole grains on the bread crust or inside (the crumb) are no guarantee that you have baked with dough made from wholemeal flour.

But as the demand for keto bread in the keto community grows, more and more different keto brands come on the market. Today you can find many different keto bread products. Here is a choice of a few high quality producers:

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