Is Diet Coke Keto?

Answer: As Diet Coke does not contain any sugar it is Keto friendly. However there could be one issue regarding insulin.

As Diet Coke does not contain sugars or any other carbohydrates it is actually Keto friendly. However, Diet Coke contains artificial sweeteners, which can spike your insulin level and therefore lead to increased appetite for sweeter, sugar-containing foods. Consuming Diet Coke can make it difficult to adhere to the Keto Diet. But then you could argue also that renouncing everything pleasurable will make you fail a ketogenic diet even moreso. That’s why a Diet Coke from now and then will not hurt anybody and can actually help you silence those sugar cravings by tasting some sweet soda.

Is Diet Coke really unhealthy?

If a person consumes carbohydrates in the form of sugar, the body produces insulin to lower the blood sugar level. A low blood sugar level subsequently whets the appetite for further desserts. The consumption of sweeteners is supposed to make the body believe that sugar is being ingested. This produces insulin, which lowers the blood sugar level, although it has never risen. The consequence of this theory is an attack of ravenous appetite. In reality, however, this cannot be proven. It has been proven, however, that sweeteners do not satisfy the appetite due to the lack of carbohydrates. Therefore no change in the state of mind can be proven.

The sweetener aspartame is often criticised. This is to be produced purely synthetically and is not based on any natural substance. This is not true, however. Aspartame is produced from the natural components phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol. Although these are combined in a chemical process, they are later broken down into these again in the stomach. For humans it is therefore as if they had consumed the individual components. The fact that these can be quite dangerous for humans has been proven in various studies. But as already mentioned, an unrealistically high dosage would have to be applied. In addition, this amount of light products would have to be consumed in a short time, as the body breaks down the ingredients relatively quickly.

In conclusion, it can be said that all serious and well-documented studies come to the conclusion that sweeteners do not cause illness. Especially diseases like cancer are so specific that they cannot be attributed to the consumption of a drink. However, this is precisely what various studies, which are therefore regarded as dubious, want to show. If the consumption of sweeteners is within an average range, there is no danger whatsoever.

Diet Coke therefore is not as unhealthy as you might think and there is no problem to enjoy one or two on a sunny day in the summer with a lot of ice … cubes, not ice cream!

Great Diet Coke Cocktail & Long-Drink recipe


  • 4 cl bourbon whiskey
  • 10 cl cola
  • Lemons
  • Ice cube


Put several ice cubes in a long drink glass, pour the whiskey over them and put a slice of lemon in the glass. Fill up the glass with cola to taste. Serve with drinking straw.

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