Is Cool Whip Keto?

Answer: Cool Whip is actually keto. However, some brand sometimes add a lot of preservatives to their products. That’s why homemade Cool Whip is even better for the keto dieter.

Is Whipped Cream Actually Healthy And Suited For A Keto Diet?

It was an extraordinarily carefully designed examination, in which the team around the physician Sara Holmberg from Växjö in southern Sweden, 250 kilometres southeast of Gothenburg, and her colleague Anders Thelin from Uppsala University showed remarkable patience. They waited for 12 years to see how high-fat and low-fat dairy products affected the abdominal girth. At the beginning and end of the study period, they asked their subjects about their relationship to milk fat and their general state of health, measuring abdominal fat. In the first recording interview, 1782 men from nine rural communities took part, they were between 40 and 60 years old at the time. In the second round of the “Follow Up” there were still 1589 men.

The astonishing result: Those who ate little milk fat had a higher risk of developing more abdominal fat – which is not only aesthetically problematic, but also detrimental to health. The candidates ate what the official nutritional guidelines actually recommend: little fat. No butter, low-fat milk, rarely or never whipped cream. On the other hand, those who were less chaste, did not let butter be taken from bread, chose full-fat milk and also enjoyed whipped cream, had a significantly lower risk of fullness in the middle of the body. So you can be sure that more fat from milk products on a keto diet is actually beneficial.

According to medical experts, the fat deposits on the stomach, which are considered to be typically male, are particularly dangerous. It produces hormone-like substances to a greater extent than other fatty tissues and interferes with the entire metabolism and seems to increase the risk of diseases such as coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Research is only just beginning to understand the exact mechanisms of the pathological distribution of fat, also known as truncal obesity.

As early as 2007, researchers at the University of Gothenburg had already shown that infants who ate more fat were slimmer than those who lived on a low-fat diet. According to the medical team, sugar was the number one fattening factor. German adiposity researchers led by Professor Martin Wabitsch from Ulm had even found out that a special milk fat with the abbreviation CLA (“conjugated linolenic acid”) was able to dissolve fat cells by docking to their so-called “killer receptors”.

Make Whipped Cream Yourself Using A Whipped Cream Dispenser

When prepared in a siphon, the whipped cream is foamed with pure nitrous oxide (N20) and sprayed out through a nozzle at high pressure but in good portions.

Basically, it’s quite simple: pour in the cream, seal the siphon with the lid airtight, screw on the gas capsule and let the gas escape into the bottle. Then shake the bottle well several times – that’s it!

We recommend the EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser. It is super high-quality, safe and reliable. It is easy to use and makes delicious whipped cream.

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