Is ChocZero Chocolate Keto?

Answer: ChocZero Chocolate is definitely keto. Though ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate contains 15 grams of carbohydrates per 1 oz. serving, most of them are indigestible fiber (13 gram) wich only leaves 2 grams of sugars.

Is Chocolate suitable for Keto Diet?

Chocolate tastes delicious and can even be healthy. Unfortunately, the excessive consumption of the brown delicacy makes you gradually become rounder and rounder. This is due to the sugar, of which chocolate usually contains quite a lot. Ketogenic chocolate contains almost no sugar, so you can enjoy it without regret, whether you buy it or make it yourself. ChocZero has a variety of different ketogenic chocolates in stock. It is a great company which produces natural high quality products.

It is important to point out that chocolate is healthy or at least it can be healthy. Chocolate contains so-called flavanols, which are secondary plant substances. Some studies suggest that these substances can have a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation.

You can actually make your own ketogenic chocolate, but if you want to save the effort of making your own chocolate completely from scratch, you can buy keto chocolate, like that from ChocZero. You should make sure that it contains as little added sugar as possible. As a rule of thumb, the amount of sugar is lower when the cocoa content is higher.

So anything with more than 70% cocoa is suitable for the ketogenic diet. But only in moderation, because 70% chocolate also contains 29g of sugar per 100g. Excellent alternatives are instead 90% or even 99% chocolate. They contain less sugar. The 90% chocolate contains 7g sugar and the 99% even only 2g.

These chocolate varieties may taste quite bitter at first, but once you get used to them, you will notice that traditional chocolate tastes way to sweet. Moreover, dark chocolate has completely different aromas than normal milk chocolate, which enhances the flavour profile tremendously.

But if you like the taste of regular chocolate, ChocZero offers a great alternative, as they sweeten their chocolates with monkfruit extract. This ensures a natural sweet taste while reducing carbohydrates.

ChocZero offers a wide variety of keto chocolates with different flavors and other keto foods:

Health Benefits Of Cocoa in Keto Chocolate

  • Cocoa comes in many different varieties, and everyone likes it differently. The following is what you should know about cocoa:
  • You have to divide cocoa into industrial cocoa and natural cocoa. Cocoa produced artificially in industry has a very high percentage of sugar. Therefore it is not really healthy. Pure and above all natural cocoa has only about one percent sugar. This makes it a healthier alternative.
  • Magnesium, potassium and vitamin E are present in cocoa in larger quantities. These substances are important for our body and are needed permanently. Especially the high magnesium content is good for muscles and nerves.
  • Cocoa also has a positive effect on your mood. This is due to the dopamine it contains, which is also used against depression. Iron and zinc are also present in cocoa and have a positive effect on your body.
  • Tip: The higher the proportion of cocoa in chocolate, the higher the proportions of iron, zinc, magnesium and other minerals.
  • By drinking cocoa you also lower your blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular system. Theobromine is responsible for this.
  • Important: In normal quantities, cocoa can have a healthy effect on your body. However, if you drink too much, the effects can also be negative. You will get the healthiest cocoa if you mix it yourself from natural beans and with only a little sugar.

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