Are Sunflower Seeds Keto?

Answer: Yes, Sunflower Seeds contain a lot of healthy fat while very low in carbohydrates, which makes it a perfect keto snack during the day.

Who thinks sunflower seeds are just birdseed is wrong! The seeds are full of important and healthy nutrients. But beware: too many sunflower seeds are not good for your body. Why? This and everything else important about the seeds you will learn in this article.

The sunflower seeds are – as the name suggests – the seeds of the sunflower. To be more precise, even the fruits of the sunflower. A sunflower contains about 1000 to 1500 fruits, which are located in the inflorescence of the sunflower. The black skin of the fruits is round on one side and pointed on the other. Without the skin the seeds are typically cream-coloured. The delicious taste of the sunflower seed is characteristically aromatic, sweetish and slightly nutty. The sunflower seed oil extracted from the kernels tastes the same. The unpeeled fruits are mainly used as birdseed.

Are Sunflower Seeds healthy?

Absolutely! Sunflower seeds contain many valuable nutrients, which have an extremely positive effect on your body. As a true protein bomb with 21g per 100g serving they are an ideal source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Another advantage is the colourful mix of different vitamins – although not contained in super large quantities, the mixture makes it here. Vitamin A for beautiful hair, strong nerves through vitamin B, vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism, good blood coagulation through vitamin K and vitamin E as a natural anti-aging agent. Sunflower seeds also supply your body with healthy fats. 90 percent of the fats contained are unsaturated fatty acids. These have a particularly positive effect on the blood vessels and the heart, for example. The fatty acids make them the perfect keto snack for everyone following a ketogenic diet. The fruits of the sunflowers also protect the teeth and bones through the calcium they contain. Incidentally, sunflower seeds rank second as the best supplier of magnesium, a mineral that is important for staying fit as it supports cell and muscle function. The seeds can also help against the common disease iron deficiency. With 6g per 100g iron they protect against anaemia.

Nutritional Values In Detail – Attention!

With 557 calories per 100g, the kernels should not be underestimated. Half of them (47g) consist of fatty acids. As already mentioned, most of them are unsaturated. These are called “healthy fatty acids” because the body does not produce harmful LDL cholesterol when it absorbs them.

Important to know about the macronutrient fat is that sunflower seeds are rich in omega-6 fatty acids. In itself, this fatty acid is not unhealthy. However, you must be careful to eat omega-6 fatty acids in the right proportion to omega-3 fatty acids. The recommended ratio is 5:1, so if you eat a lot of sunflower seeds, you should eat enough food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as linseed or linseed oil, to balance this out. This is important for everyone following a keto diet.

Cooking Tips: Use & Storage

Classically, the seeds are often used in the bakery on rolls or in muesli and biscuits. The seeds are also ideal as topping. Roast the sunflower seeds briefly for an even more intense taste and garnish your pan dish, salad or soup with them. We use the fruits on our Avocado Caesar salad. In the Mediterranean region it is also common to nibble the seeds roasted and salted as a snack.

It is best to store the seeds dry, airtight and dark. Otherwise, the fatty acids contained in them can oxidise and the fruits become rancid.

Recommendation For Sunflower Seeds

We can recommend the high quality sunflower seeds from the brand “Narodnya Zaraza”. Their sunflower seeds are absolutely delicious. Really great as a keto snack duing the day or after a workout.

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