Are (Dill) Pickles Keto?

Answer: Generally Pickles or Dill Pickles do not contain a lot of carbs. About 2 grams per serving is not a lot. However, many brands add a lot of sugar to their pickles. That’s why you should check the nutritional facts before buying a certain brand.

About (Dill) Pickles

Pickles, like sauerkraut, kombucha or kimchi (pickled Chinese cabbage from Asia) are among the fermented foods. This is the key word, because the natural process of fermentation not only does it preserve food for centuries, but is also considered to be particularly healthy. This is even confirmed by science in numerous studies. The reason: the production method produces probiotic bacteria which have a positive influence on our intestinal flora and thus also on our health. The concrete effect as well as other great health benefits of gherkins are presented to you in detail in the following:

  1. Pickles are rich in health-promoting probiotics:
    Probiotics are living microorganisms that support the bacterial balance of the intestinal flora. And this not only promotes digestion, but also has a positive effect on our health. Today, science even assumes that the intestinal flora has a much greater influence on our lives than previously thought.
  2. Pickle juice relieves muscle cramps:
    A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise magazine shows that Pickle juice relieves muscle cramps. It may sound a bit weird, but the saline solution has an antispasmodic effect and can reduce the duration of an acute cramp by half, the researchers found out. Cucumber water is also recommended after exercise, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can thus prevent muscle soreness. Just please do not exaggerate: According to the study, one big sip is quite sufficient.
  3. Pickles regulate the blood sugar level:
    A study from 2005 confirms it: Fermented foods, such as pickles, have a positive effect on our blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels increase less due to the vinegar content of pickled vegetables. Pickled gherkins are therefore the perfect dietary snack, because if the blood sugar level (and thus also the insulin release) remains constant, our fat burning works better and we tend to have less cravings. Bonus: Pickles are extremely low in calories. 100 grams come to just 11 lean calories.
  4. Antioxidants protect our cells:
    Pickles are rich in antioxidants, which play an essential role in our health. The chemical compound fights free radicals that damage our cells and thus promote the development of cancer or heart disease. Free radicals also accelerate the ageing process of our skin. While every vegetable contains antioxidants, these are often lost during cooking – in pickles, however, they are completely preserved by fermentation.
  5. Pickles help with stomach problems:
    Anyone who frequently suffers from stomach ailments should snack on pickled gherkins regularly. Pickled vegetables neutralize the gastric juices (in case of complaints these are often too highly concentrated) and thus have a calming effect on the digestive tract. Cucumbers are therefore also ideal after a sumptuous or too large meal.

Great Pickle Snack

The company Oh Snap offers a great Dill Pickle Snack you should definitely try out. It has only few calories, almost no carbs, and is absolutely delicious.

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